31 SF


There are many advantages of customising your boat. Not only do you get to have a unique boat, but you can get it made to fit your needs. ASM (Al Suwaidi Marine) offers boat lovers the chance to experience this satisfaction with ASM 31 SF (Sport Fishing). It is is a powerful sports fishing boat that incorporates the latest single stepped hull design for increased performance and efficiency. The wider beam and increased surface area of the wider chines provide greater support and stability both when running and at rest whilst aggressive bow entry angle and deep V helps give a soft, smooth, and dry ride even in the roughest of seas.

Design Your Boat To Fit Your Specifications

When customising your boat, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. You will be able to choose the exact style, furniture, specs and colour you want. ASM 31 SF is built as a combination of hand-laid knitted uni- and multi-directional fiberglass laminates, foam cored hull sides and boat deck liners with a strong rigid foam and timber internal boat length structure. It offers strength, rigidity, and safety with no compromise on its performance. Incorporating a center console with large full standing height head with vanity and sink unit under, combined with the spacious open deck areas, ASM 31 SF boat offers unrivalled level of comfort.

Customize Your Boat To Reflect Your Syle

Like all boats manufactured by ASM (Al Suwaidi Marine), careful attention has been given to providing storage areas for all equipment, stores, bait, and live catch with. An optional side door offers even greater convenience whilst being safer than adjacent to the engines and propellers and a range of cockpit fridge, icemaker and outside sink that can tailor your boat equally well for fishing, diving or just cruising with family and friends. While you will pay more for a custom-made boat, it is well worth it. You will be able to have it branded with your business name or personal name. With this a head start on your competitors or friends as it will give your boat a unique identity. ASM 31 SF (Sport Fishing) is your boat of choice for the extra fun on the water.

Enjoy The Unique Features

ASM 31 SF boat is extremely agile, offering a smooth ride and very enjoyable cruising experience. The sporty design of the boat offers a wonderful driving sensation thanks to its safety and its powerful seakeeping profile. This boat offers fishing, water sports and general water usage for all the family in a simple, safe & stylish manner. If you want your boat to be one-of-a-kind, ASM (Al Suwaidi Marine) consistently strives to deliver the highest quality of boat at the most affordable price.


ASM trendy 31foot fishing and family cruise boat is for 6 to 8 passengers. It is a supremely practical boat that comes with smooth offshore performance and unique features that includes storage for fish, fishing tools and a wide variety of options. ASM (Al Suwaidi Marine) not only can help you own a boat, but also customise it to reflect your individual style, features, and accessories. If you are planning to have a boat and make it unique, ASM is your partner.

Design & Specs

Length of Hull without engine
31’ (9.45 m)

Width of hull at widest including rub rail 9’ 8” (3.0 m)

Vertical height between waterline and hull bottom.
1’6” (0.50 m)

Capacity of fuel tank in gallons/liters. 153 U.S. Gal (580 L)

Capacity of water tank in gallons/liters.
23 U.S. Gal (88 L)

Capacity of water tank in gallons/liters.
16 U.S. Gal (60 L)

Maximum Rated Persons Capacity.
10 Person