Since its inception, Al Suwaidi Marine (ASM) has been synonymous with highest quality, excellent performance and premium standards of boats manufactured in the United Arab Emirates.
ASM ensures delivering boats that are perfectly designed and well equipped to provide a unique client experience for cruising, fishing, and enjoying the sea.
ASM’s depth of experience dealing with issues related to boat manufacturing and maintenance is unparalleled, with a wide range of in-house skills from qualified engineers to excellent designers, well trained workers and technicians, makes its team comfortable and competent to provide any kind of work for boat maintenance. At ASM, the team of technicians and mechanics is well trained to keep them abreast of the latest technology and marine business. ASM, Al Suwaidi Marine, facility provides a wide range of boat services for boat manufacturers as well a full range of marine electronics for most mainline manufacturers, coupled with a supply with the following comprehensive list of services for boat owners’ maintenance needs.

Hull and Fiberglass Repairs

  • Repairing scratches, dents, and cracks in the hull, deck, or fiberglass.
  • Gel coat repairs and refinishing to restore the boat’s appearance.
  • Patching and sealing leaks or damaged areas.
  • Fiberglass repairs, including gel coat repairs and refinishing.
  • Repair or replacement of damaged or delaminated structural components.

Bottom Painting and Anti-Fouling

  • Applying protective bottom paint to prevent fouling and growth of barnacles, algae, and other marine organisms.
  • Stripping and removing old layers of bottom paint before applying new coatings.
  • Inspecting and maintaining sacrificial anodes to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Electronics Installation, Integration & Upgrades

  • Installation and integration of navigation systems, fish finders, GPS units, radar, and other electronic equipment.
  • Upgrading and integrating existing electronic systems for improved functionality and performance.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing electrical issues related to the boat’s electronic systems, including wiring, connectors, or control units.
  • Integration of entertainment systems, such as audio systems, video displays, and satellite TV.

Electrical System Services

  • Troubleshooting and repair of electrical issues, including wiring problems, faulty switches, or malfunctioning gauges.
  • Battery inspections, replacements, and charging system checks.
  • Installation or upgrade of electrical components, such as navigation lights, audio systems, or electronic displays.
  • Installation or replacing of Air-condition, or generator
    Solar panel installation and integration for renewable energy.

Plumbing System Services

  • Inspection and maintenance of freshwater and wastewater systems, including pumps, tanks, and hoses.
  • Repair or replacement of plumbing components, such as faucets, showers, or toilets.
  • Installation or upgrade of plumbing systems for additional features, such as a marine toilet or a freshwater shower.

Upholstery and Interior Refurbishment

  • Repairing or replacing damaged or worn-out upholstery, canopy, cushions, and seating.
  • Interior cleaning, detailing, and restoration.
  • Upgrading interior components, such as lighting fixtures, cabinetry, and flooring.

Safety Equipment Inspection and Installation

  • Inspection and testing of safety equipment, including life jackets, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, distress signals, and navigation lights.
  • Installation or replacement of additional safety equipment or features, such as bilge pumps, carbon monoxide detectors, and emergency beacons.

Customisation and Upgrades

  • Customisation services to personalize the boat according to the owner’s preferences, such as adding custom paint, graphics, or accessories or upholstery.
  • Upgrades for improved performance, comfort, or convenience, such as installing a swim platform, upgrading seating, upgrading audio systems, or adding a fishing tower.
  • Installation of additional accessories, such as fishing rod holders, wakeboard towers, or underwater lights.
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