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LimoSea Open & Close

Introducing the Ultimate Passenger Boat Experience!

Suitable for companies and touristic purposes that require marine transportation, Al Suwaidi Marine is introducing its new line of passenger boats, ASM LimoSea series. It is ‘a very suitable boat for offshore purpose’ and is available in two sizes: ASM 40 LS (LimoSea) – Perfect for intimate gatherings or small groups, this 40-foot passenger boat provides an ideal balance between comfort and versatility. And ASM 50 LS (LimoSea) – With the larger capacity, this spacious 50-foot passenger boat is perfect for hosting larger groups and events while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere.

ASM LS (LimoSea) boat has a perfect combination of aerodynamically designed cabin and a modern twist. It is dedicated to bringing our clients the best boating experience in the industry and is designed to increase passenger’s comfort yielding stable and economic transportation in the sea. With its practical design, ASM LS (LimoSea) makes maneuvering an easy task at the dock and in sea and comes with smooth offshore performance. ASM LimoSea offers a joyful trip with comfortable seating, easy access to board and deboard for its passengers. It is its unique features that make it your choice when selecting a passenger boat.
As we understand that every client has unique preferences, ASM passenger boats (LimoSea series) can be fully customised to suit your specific needs. From interior design to seating arrangements, our professional team will work closely with you to create a boat that reflects your style and vision.

Climate-controlled Comfort

Closed Cabin with AC: Experience the epitome of luxury with ASM LS C (LimoSea Closed cabin) passenger boat. Stay cool and comfortable as you cruise with the convenience of air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant journey in any weather. Open Deck: If you prefer an open-air experience, ASM LS O (LimoSea Open deck) passenger boat is perfect for enjoying the breeze and immersing yourself in the surroundings. Feel the sun on your skin and enjoy the panoramic views.


ASM LS (LimoSea) passenger boats are equipped with a fully functional toilet and sink, providing convenience and ensuring a comfortable experience for all passengers. Each boat features a dedicated water tank, ensuring a reliable supply of freshwater throughout your journey. Hygiene and comfort are our top priorities.

Spacious Interior & Comfortable Seating, An Unforgettable Experience

ASM LS (LimoSea) passenger boat features a thoughtfully designed interior layout, providing ample seating and standing space for passengers to move around comfortably. Plush and ergonomic seating ensures a comfortable ride for passengers, even during longer journeys, reducing fatigue and maximizing satisfaction. Imagine cruising along serene coastlines, hosting unforgettable events, or embarking on exciting sightseeing adventures. ASM LS passenger boats provide the perfect platform for creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re planning private parties, corporate outings, or even a wedding at sea, Al Suwaidi Marine LimoSea boats will exceed your expectations.

Quality & Reliability

ASM (Al Suwaidi Marine) has a renowned reputation for producing high-quality boats with meticulous craftsmanship. Each boat is built to withstand the demands of maritime environments while ensuring the utmost safety and durability. ASM LS (LimoSea) passenger boat is built with durable materials, ensuring a robust and reliable structure that can withstand the demands of daily use in various water conditions. The boat is constructed using marine-grade materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear caused by saltwater, UV radiation, and other environmental factors.

Equipped with the latest safety features, including life jackets, emergency exits, fire suppression systems, and navigation aids, ASM LS (LimoSea) boat prioritizes passenger safety above all else.

Efficient Time & Cost Optimisation

ASM LS (LimoSea) passenger boat offers a convenient and time-efficient transportation solution, especially for employees commuting to work. By avoiding road congestion, it minimizes travel time and improves productivity. Compared to other transportation modes, ASM LS (LimoSea) passenger boats provide a cost-effective solution for public or employee transportation. It reduces fuel expenses and eliminates the need for extensive road infrastructure investments.

ASM passenger boat’s design incorporates low-maintenance components and systems, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. As a flagship boat sold by a reputable manufacturer, ASM (Al Suwaidi Marine) takes pride in offering excellent customer service even after the purchase. Our dedicated maintenance team will provide support, ensuring your boat remains in top condition for years to come. Your investment is our priority.

Experience Luxury, Comfort, And Customisation At An Affordable Price

ASM (Al Suwaidi Marine) offers competitive pricing to ensure that our exceptional LimoSea passenger boats are accessible to a wide range of customers. Customisation is also an option, should you like to have your boat UNIQUE. These options include

(1) Seating Capacity where ASM boats can be customised to accommodate varying passenger capacities, from smaller groups to larger crowds, ensuring flexibility for your specific needs.
(2) Branding Opportunities, as ASM offers the options to incorporate your company’s branding elements, allowing you to showcase your business and enhance your brand visibility while providing transportation services.

Stand out from the crowd

By investing in ASM LimoSea passenger boats, you can provide a safe, durable, and comfortable transportation solution for both tourism and employee commuting. ASM LimoSea helps you to optimize time and cost, improving productivity and reducing operational expenses. Stand out from the competition and enhance your business operations with ASM reliable and efficient water taxi solution.

Design & Specs

Length of Hull without engine.
50’ (15.2 m)

Width of hull at widest including rub rail.
12’ 3” (3.7 m)

Vertical height between waterline and hull bottom.
2’ (0.61 m)

Capacity of fuel tank in gallons/liters.
264 U.S. Gal (1000 L)

Capacity of water tank in gallons/liters.
21 U.S. Gal (80 L)

Capacity of water tank in gallons/liters.
21 U.S. Gal (80 L)

Maximum Rated Persons Capacity.
40 Person

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements, customisation options, and take the first step towards revolutionizing public or employee transportation with our exceptional ASM (Al Suwaidi Marine) passenger boat. Let us help you embark on unforgettable journeys and create cherished memories on the water!